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When it comes to the design, we have a fairly simple approach, we always begin with the client goals, a program review, an analysis of the site and context; and an evaluation of all design options, no matter the size or complexity of the project. We believe in architecture that is environmentally responsible.


Contemporary office space must provide more than just a place to work. It’s a place to develop, share ideas, knowledge, give 100%; These spaces speak for themselves with dignity and elegance. We believe that the corporate identity with sustainable awareness in healthy environments can always have a tangible results into higher productivity and lower operating cost.


We must be conscious about the context, in design matters. We live, play and work in communities, we consider it a base ingredient for a better design, a better way to live, there is no small project or big project, we care for what we do; and very proudly, we do all our projects.


Sustainable design is an integral part of Studio Arriojas process. Our teams of experience professionals are always trying to design with sensibility and to keep it simple. We use local materials, improve building envelope design and encourage the use of energy-efficient systems.

Using an integrated design process, we carefully consider how the buildings we are creating will relate with the surrounds. Our design teams aim to reduce each building’s environmental impact through:

 • Sustainable site planning

 • Safeguarding water and water efficiency

 • Energy efficiency and renewable energy

 • Conservation of materials and resources

 • Improved indoor environmental quality

Creating buildings environmentally responsible and economically sound.

We strongly believed that sustainable design is much more than a high performance building.


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    Previous Experience


    We gained a great deal of experience while working for other Architectural firms. We also received and give great mentorship and opportunities to apply our knowledge in design, permit drawings and construction administration of multiple buildings types Nationwide.


    The links to the left have some examples of the projects we had the opportunity to collaborate.

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